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Dar Al-Consul – Gerusalemme

Complesso Dar Al-Consul (DAC) a Gerusalemme.  Progettazione e allestimento: Paolo Monesi (Waferstudio) con Studio Strati  Committenza: Custodia di Terra Santa RELAZIONE Il complesso Dar Al-Consul (DAC) è situato nel cuore della Città Vecchia di Gerusalemme: le sue origini risalgono al primitivo insediamento della città più antica, e si trovava di fronte lungo la strada del […]

Urban Kit Invasion: Sustainability & Innovation

Urban Kit Invasion is a project that was born in the wake of tactical urban planning, the one that sees temporariness not in its negative meaning but as a paradigmatic sign of our times. It also touches on the issue of social commitment as it proposes to equip cities with a kit of special containers […]

Advanced Education Program on Museology and Museography

On September 11th 2020, Waferstudio’s Dr. Paolo Monesi will talk about the restoration of the Museum of Santa Maria Abbey in Cerrate (Italy)

Il MIBACT e la riforma dei musei – WEBINAR

Heads up! On June 30th Waferstudio’s Paolo Monesi will join some of our esteemed colleagues to offer a webinar on monuments, restoration and musea.

Office bench with UNIFOR

Waferstudio is developing an office bench together with UNIFOR. It features slender, tapered, wooden legs and asymmetrical dividing screens that create a vibrant landscape in the common spaces, typical of contemporary workplaces.

HDI Headquarters

We are proud to announce that Waferstudio has won the tender for the architectural design of the new Italian offices of HDI! The offices will be located in the modern EUR neighborhood in Rome, in the fascinating Palazzo Italia.

From fiber to product: The exciting journey of a textile – Rome

We are proud to announce that Waferstudio has won the special prize of the jury at the Rome edition of the workshop From fiber to product: The exciting journey of a textile, organized by Moroso