About Us

Waferstudio is a multidisciplinary design team.

We work on architectural, urban and landscape design focusing on the contemporary city.

About Us

Waferstudio  is the name under which five architects operate in the areas of architecture,  restyling, interior and exhibit design.
We are able to satisfy the necessities of our clients thanks to our wide range expertise. We know each client is unique and needs personalised and concrete solutions.
We have accrued over a decade of experience in office design. Our solid knowledge and dedication contributes to the concrete, dynamic, innovative, and carefully designed solutions we develop with and for our clients.


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(src. Wikipedia)

Our Team

Luca Binarelli Architetto
Luca Binarelli Senior architect and co-founder
Diego De Conca Senior architect and co-founder
Paolo Monesi Architetto
Paolo Monesi Senior architect and co-founder
Salvatore Marinaro Architetto
Salvatore Marinaro Senior Architect and co-founder
Ghazaal Parsa Architect

Our Network